The aim of our 17th Annual PIW Virtual Conference is to expand brand awareness, develop spiritual consciousness; provide networking opportunities, support the next generation. Our presenters have worked hard to bring forth information that will give you Inspiration & Motivation that you can obtain right from Home.  Our Shabbat Service will be held in-person ONLY to those that complete the Registration / Covid Guideline form (No Exceptions).  

2022 17th Annual PIW Conference

2022 17th Annual Phenomenal Israelite Women's Virtual Conference


 Moving forward as Hashem's Gam Segula- "Renewed & Healed"


Thursday- Sunday

March 3rd -6th, 2022


To register; click on the link below: 



Only Elders ages 70+ should contact Rabbinit Plummer to register



Thursday & Friday Workshops / Seminars will be held via Zoom Meeting ONLY.


Our Shabbat Service will be held via Zoom Meeting & In-Person (ONLY TO THOSE COMPLETE THE REGISTATION / COVID GUIDELINE FORM). We strongly require everyone attending our in-person Shabbat Service — including people who are vaccinated or were previously infected to always wear masks while indoors


If you have any questions about our annual conferences, please contact us at ​