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Reflection of 13th Annual PIW Conference

Everything is so electronic these days! How do I download the registration forms, where is the venue located? Who do I contact for more information? These are a few of the questions that a sister might have asked as she attempted to set up for the 13th Annual Phenomenal Conference! Challenging in a world of technical advance, but never impossible! Theses a team of Phenomenal Women right there to assist! So right away you start to feel the essence. Here's what we know about a phenomenal woman: she doesn't give up and strives to get it right every time. "She is clothed with Strength and Dignity and she knows her worth". Thus it is worth it to each and every one of us to make it happen! and for the 13th year in a row the sisters of an everlasting nation rise to the occasion and make it their business to come out to support PIW and to ultimately create an atmosphere of love, praise and fellowship. Held every first week-end in March, from Guyana, South America to Philadelphia, PA, representatives come to partake of a week-end of joy, family, sound advise, and worship of the Almighty Yah.

We bring our "A" game! Admiration, Adulation, and Acceptance of what has been, what is and what will be in the future as we bring forth the nation of Israel and rise. Reiterating the words of founder and executive director, Rabbi Deborah Baht Sarah Bowen, "They say we couldn't do it, that women are caddy and wouldn't get along, Well, nothing could be farther from the truth here!" From the workshops, to the fantastic gift-giving, networking, mingling, sharing and eating, the Phenomenal Women, of whom I consider myself a part, are achieving goals beyond our expectations! This year was no exception Overcoming many obstacles, as the adversary would attempt to block the efforts of the organizers to secure the site of the conference, it went on without a hitch! From the fashion show to the Shabbat services at Temple Bethel in Phladelphia, the party was on!

L'Dor L'Dor. From generation to generation our Power, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all that in them is, has not changed. We are on the righteous path to Yah's salvation because we are mindful of our downfalls in the past and now are learning and applying what is required of us to make better choices and lifestyle changes for our own good! This year's conference was a continuum on that platform: Sisters in unity. We are discovering that we can live in harmony by accepting tips, ideas and advice from each other that lead to overall improvement of life. Sometimes we cry together, pray together, and support causes that uplift those less fortunate than ourselves, thereby adding value to the life we live. This year, for example, the Phenomenal Israelite Women Organization conducted a community service project by donating items and funds to a local Domestic Shelter in Princeton, New Jersey, where the conference was held this year. Giving back is a spiritually rewarding act that leads to blessings in other areas of your life. It is the righteous thing to do!

The Elders, of which now I am a part are given a warm welcome and acknowledged as the shoulders on which we stand, And that is such an honor that I wish to exemplify now that time has delivered me to this milestone. I remember coming to this conference 13 years ago while I was raising up my children and introducing my young ladies to this event to let them know they can come a be a part of something great. The Phenomenal Israelite Women's Conference is a perfect forum to work your majestic spirits. If you would like to be a part of this exciting event next year, kindly visit Get connected and let's re-unite for the better good of the nation! HalleluYah!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Miryom Baht Levi Hebrew Family of Guyana

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