2021 PIW Woman of Valor

Yes, a Woman of Valor Makes the World Change

The Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) award is presented each year to a PIWC member who has proven to be a leader in the community. Stemming from a hymn in the Book of Proverbs, this woman is recognized as an openly giving and compassionate person. She is committed to the cause of the Jewish people and Israel. This outstanding woman is a role model to her family and others; she inspires women to positively impact Jewish communities and beyond the walls.

Honorary Recipient: Emah Hannah Briston- 2016

We are accepting nominations for the 2021 PIW Woman of Valor

(Award Recipient must be virtually present to receive this award.)

Criteria are:

1. Does she lead by example?

2. Is she a motivator, teacher, leader?

3. Is she a visionary?

4. Is she passionate, committed and loyal?

5. Does she represent the Israelite Community & Jewish values in the public eye?

6. Does she support the Israelite Community with time, her knowledge and action?

Nominations forms must be submitted to p.i.w.conference@gmail.com by March 1, 2021

To obtain a nominations form or if you any questions? Feel free to reach out to our PIW Executive Secretary - Gv’t Hannah Witherspoon at imblessedwith598@yahoo.com

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