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5th Annual Eshet Chayil Award (Woman of Valor)

To: PIW Conference attendees:

This year we wish to present our 5th Annual Eshet Chayil award (Woman of Valor). This should be the individual who embodies the criteria as listed below. We ask that you nominate someone who you feel is worthy to receive this award by filling out the form and getting it back to us before Erev Shabbat (3/07/2020). And place the form in the drop box located at the registration table or you can email the form.

We hope to recognize one of our phenomenal women and let them know that we acknowledge their high standards that uplift us all. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact: Emah Yehudit Samuels at

Criteria PIW’S ESHET CHAYIL (Woman of Valor) Award 1. Spiritual Commitment to the Most High 2. Exhibits Wisdom & Capability 3. Dignified in Appearance, Bearing, and Speech 4. Outstanding Service to their Synagogue/Knesset 5. Notable Service and Commitment to the Israelite Community 6. Attendance (and/or) Participation in any PIW events

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