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Prayer Circles

Shalom PIW Sisterhood,

Prior to attending the 15th Annual 2020 PIW Conference, we will be having two conference call prayer circles that will create a warm supportive atmosphere that promotes spiritual fulfillment. You don’t have to attend this year’s conference to participate! In fact, we wish for ALL sisters to join us on the call at 6:00am Wednesday February 26, 2020 (Rosh Chodesh Adar) & Sunday March 1, 2020 PIW CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER IS 712-775-7031

Moreover, during the days / week leading up to the conference, we request that everyone recite the following psalms at their appointed times listed below. May these prayers & psalms help us all reflect our enduring commitment to Torah. AMEN


6:00am (EST) 7:00am in Puerto Rico Psalm 7 Psalm 31 Psalm 52

12noon (EST) 1:00pm in Puerto Rico Psalm 2 Psalm 111 Psalm 118

3:00pm (EST) 4:00pm In Puerto Rico Psalm 20 Psalm 23 Psalm 40 Psalm 86

9:00pm (EST) 10:00pm in Puerto Rico Psalm 4 Psalm 18 Psalm 46

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